'' Summer or winter, here's a selection of our favorites to discover during your visit to Crévoux.
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♡ La grande bleue: the must-have ski slope

This is the nickname given to an almost 7km stretch of blue runs from the summit of the Crévoux resort to the snow front. It's without doubt the most beautiful ski tour in the Crévoux ski area, accessible to all levels. It's one of our favorites!
Beginners will find it easy to descend from the summit. Intermediate and advanced skiers will enjoy a fun trail with lots of terrain movements. The promise of a thrilling descent over almost 1000m of vertical drop.

From the top of the resort, at an altitude of 2550m, at the arrival of the Pré de l'Etoile ski lift, take time to contemplate the view of the Serre-Ponçon lake and the Ecrins National Park before setting off on the Cézier piste. Follow this with the Gentianes piste, which takes you back to the Ancolie and its rollercoaster ride through the larch trees to the foot of the slopes.


Blow, breathe... Do it again!!!

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♡ Skiez en forêt!!! le ski coup de cœur

The Crévoux forest is one of the most beautiful you'll find in any ski resort in the Southern Alps. The slopes wind their way through the larch trees, reinforcing the feeling of solitude in the heart of nature. The larch, the tree of light as it's known here, needs space. What's more, thelivestock and grazing still present in our valleys ensure natural summer maintenance that limits the proliferation of vegetation. This is why our forests are open and sparse. A real treat forfreeriders and a must-see.

This is a whole new realm for powder enthusiasts. Natural slalom between trunks, elongated curves in clearings, natural jumps over tree stumps - the possibilities are endless.


[ Respect the Tetra Lyra ]

'' Over 80% of the ski area is larch forest. This means that riding is always enjoyable, with good visibility, even in the middle of a storm. Simply put, Crévoux is one of our Top 3 places to ride in the forest!
Skieur Magazine N°121 - January/February 2016

♡ The Pellat valley, a must for all freeriders

This is Crévoux's best-knownoff-piste itinerary. A classic in an atmosphere of skiing and wide-open spaces dominated by the cliffs of Montagne Pellat. The gentle slope makes this itinerary accessible to most skiers.

It's wide-open, easy skiing in the valley followed by a more or less sporty stroll in the forest, depending on the lines chosen. Departure is from the Pré de l'Etoile summit, after an off-piste traverse due east. Return to the resort via the cross-country ski trails.

Clearly our most unmissable off-piste event.

[ Safety precautions ]

♡ The Parpaillon tunnel and the Cabane des Espagnols

This astonishing tunnelperched at an altitude of over 2600m, is one of the region's most remarkable sights. Almost 500m long, it can be crossed by all-terrain vehicle, motorized or not, or on foot. Whether you're on a mountain bike or on foot, a reflective vest and headlamp won't go amiss if you're facing this funny moment. Dating back to the late 1800s, this work of military origin is very basic.

You'll walk along the exposed stone in the bowels of the mountain by the light of your own torch. With no snow clearance, access is rare before mid-July, and late in the season you'll find patches of ice and stalactites along the walls. Welcome to another world...

An experience not to be missed!


♡ Lac du Crachet

Le Crachet is a small high-altitude lake nestled in the heart of a valley perched at 2200m altitude. Its shallow waters are of rare clarity. You'll reach it via a good, fairly steady path with a 600m ascent, making this a hike of intermediate difficulty. Good walkers can continue towards the Col du Crachet and the Pointe de l'Eyssina (1000m ascent) in a much more mineral atmosphere. The view of Haute Ubaye, Queyras and the Ecrins massif is breathtaking.

For adventure-seekers, head for Lake Lalatcha, at an altitude of almost 2800m, in an almost lunar atmosphere.


♡ La cascade de Razis

A poetic interlude in the heart of the mountains. The path leading to the Cascade de Razisin the Crévoux valley offers some twentyworks of art to discover in the midst of nature. The icing on the cake is that you can even spend the night under the stars in a restored shepherd's hut, converted into a work of art...

This easy 2-hour walk is a loop. It's ideal for families with children. The discovery of one piece of work makes you want to go on to the next. The first part of the hike is on a wide, comfortable path along a stream at the edge of the forest. A short, steeper climb leads to the highlight of the hike, the shepherd's hut and the Razis waterfall. The return journey is made under larch trees in the bed of an old irrigation canal.

The must-do hike in Crévoux!


An outing that's sure to awaken your childlike spirit!

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♡ The Chalp plateau in winter

This vast plateau, cultivated in summer, is transformed into a paradise for Nordic activities in winter. With plenty of sunshine, it's an ideal place to enjoy the snow in a different way. You can go snowshoeing or Fat Biking (with supervision only for Fat Biking) on the pedestrian trails. You can practice skating or alternative skiing on the cross-country trails, facing the imposing cliffs on the southern slopes of the Crévoux valley and the Barre des Enfers!

Along the Crachet trail, on cross-country skis, you can discover some of the works in the Parcours des Fées in their winter finery. At the terminus of the Jaffeuil pedestrian trail, you can contemplate the Cascade de Razis unless you'd prefer to pretend you're Martin Fourcade on the biathlon stadium?


♡ Dog sledding or Fat Bikes in the Château area

The Château sector is a multi-activity area adjoining the downhill ski area, offering superb views over the Crévoux valley, the village and the hamlet of La Chalp. Every winter, Morgan, our musher, offers a moment of communion with man's best friend. It's the ideal place for a dog sledding experience on dedicated routes through larch forests and large clearings.

The Château area is ideal for walking or snowshoeing, and you can also discover the Fat Bike, a bike specially designed for riding on snow. The electric assistance on our Fat Bikes means you'll have no trouble making your way up the slopes, and all you'll be left with is the pleasure of this unusual experience.

Fat bikes may only be ridden under the supervision of a professional and only on footpaths. Further information from Chastan Sports.

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