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Confidential freeride in Crévoux

Estate - J_Dupieux
'' Riding the Crévoux powder means discovering a unique spot in the Southern Alps. Endless slopes in a wilderness, a magical forest with a thousand faces, this is the menu that awaits you for anthology freeride sessions.

A natural ski paradise

7am this morning, 30cm of fresh snow covered the mountains. We're heading for Crévoux, one of the finest freeride spots in the Southern Alps.

Alone on the ski lift, the forest fades into the distance. The great slopes of Pré de l'Etoile, the summit of the resort, gradually come into view. They are immaculately white. The cold is sharp and biting. The snow promises to be incredibly light.

Your friends join you at the summit. A photo to immortalize the panorama... From Parc National des Écrins to Lac de Serre-Ponçon. One photo! But quickly, your spatulas get impatient, hectares of powder await you.


White orgy at the summit

First turns, the snow explodes in your face, blinding you for a few seconds. What an incredible sensation... A skier springs to your right, screaming with delight: no stopping on this first run. Le Pré de l'Etoile rides like a dream. Take a rest on the way up.

End of the first descent. Emotions mingle with sensations. Breath is short and thighs sting, but euphoria takes over. The desire to draw new freeride lines wins out. It's time to go back up!


Le vallon Pellat: wide-open freeride in full sunshine

One ride follows another. You tip over into the Pellat valley. A must-see in Crévoux. A quick traverse opens its doors. Its gentle, sun-drenched slopes seem endless. The Ratelle huts in the distance are tiny. One look, one smile: another plunge into an ocean of virgin snow. What luck!

If you've got ski touring equipment, there are plenty of other possibilities, but we're not going to tell you everything either, as that would spoil the fun!

Crévoux_Hiver_Domaine - OT_Crevoux

A mysterious getaway in the heart of the forest

It's almost midday, time for freeriding in the forest: an institution in the Southern Alps. Especially in Crévoux. Each snowfall creates a new setting, as if by magic. A line takes shape, a curve, a stump, a jump. The trees dictate the trajectory like slalom gates, and the group disperses. In a hushed atmosphere, only the occasional cheer disturbs the peacefulness of the place.

A cross-country ski trail crosses your path. It's the key to getting back to the resort safely. You meet up with the rest of the group covered in snow. A few falls punctuate the descent... Everyone recounts their run, more incredible than the last. The snow is even deeper in the shelter of the forest, soft as silk.

Larch, the tree of light


'' Over 80% of the ski area is larch forest. This means that riding is always enjoyable, with good visibility, even in the middle of a storm. Simply put, Crévoux is one of our Top 3 places to ride in the forest!

Authentic mountain village atmosphere

Attracted by a field of powder, you leave the track and descend to the village. This is a traditional mountain village. Time passes more slowly here than elsewhere. A farmer emerges from his barn. A cow has given birth during the night. You'll be back this evening to buy some cheese from her. It's the best in the area, and the best for raclette.

Back at the resort, you find your friends sitting on the terrace. Beer is served. Time for a break. New adventures await you this afternoon.

A few precautions

Freeriding is practiced in unmarked, unsafe high-mountain terrain. Off-piste skiing requires a high level of technical and physical fitness, as well as the right equipment to ensure your own safety (avalanche transceivers, probes and shovels). If you don't have the necessary skills and equipment, call on the services of a professional (ski instructors or mountain guides) to discover this world in complete safety.

The right reflexes to adopt

Prepare your freeride outings by consulting the weather forecast and the Avalanche Risk Assessment Bulletin

Don't ride alone!

DVA, probe and shovel essential!!!

Adapt your outing and choose your routes according to snow conditions.

Ask the ski patrollers at the resort about current conditions.

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