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Discovering the Crévoux Nordic ski area

'' Whether you're a casual walker or a seasoned skier, the Crévoux Nordic ski area is sure to have something for everyone. Take advantage of the soothing beauty of these mountains, strap on your skis and set off to discover this site where all the pleasures of Nordic skiing come together.

Warm-up and training

Your warm-up begins with a traverse of the La Chalp plateau. This vast, sun-drenched expanse contains most of the easier runs. Below, you'll discover the biathlon stadium where the youngsters from the local ESF train. With its permanent targets and penalty tower, it's the perfect place to follow in Martin Fourcade's footsteps. There are even laser rifles for children to discover the activity in complete safety.

A little further on, you come across the youngsters from SCOCE, the local club, perfecting their technique, accompanied by their instructor. This is the club of our local champion, Coraline Hugue, member of the French cross-country skiing team.

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Le Parcours des Neiges

Here you are at the Pont du Plan, heading for the Razis waterfall. You make your way along the torrent, asleep under a thick blanket of snow. The slope steepens. Your breathing quickens and the cold air grips your lungs. Your breath synchronizes with the rhythm of your gliding steps.

At the side of the piste, you'll discover the works of the Parcours des Fées, which, covered in snow, reveal themselves in a whole new light. Did the artists who created them even imagine them in their winter finery? In summer, they lead to the Razis waterfall, which you can see in the distance, frozen by the ice.


O Time! Suspend your flight

After this pretty loop, you're ready for the day's bravest part. A long climb takes you to the Cabane des Espagnols, then onto the Cébières trail in the heart of the forest. Higher up, a hut crumbles under the snow at the foot of imposing larches. A long traverse along the slope allows you to recover and enjoy the scenery. Time no longer matters in this forest, only the deafening silence of the mountain in its winter truce.


Nordic multi-activity at the Château

A detour via the Château sector brings you closer to the ski resort. This connecting sector offers a lovely undulating loop facing the imposing cliff overlooking the village.

You pass a few off-piste skiers on their way back to the lifts after a wild descent in powder snow. A little further on, you spot Morgan, the resort's musher, and his carriage. You try to race him, but soon realize that his sled dogs are much faster than you. His sled dogs are faster, and above all, tougher!

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The exhilaration of speed

The descent to La Chalp is exhilarating. The skis crunch on the freshly groomed snow and the wind whistles in your ears. The many turns force you to use all your technique and concentration. After a good dose of excitement, you're back on the La Chalp plateau.

The return journey is more peaceful. You walk along the pedestrian trail, where many families stroll along, introducing the little ones to the joys of the snow.


After the effort, the comfort

At the end of the session, you join your family on the terrace of La Petite Fringale. This is the Nordic ski area's restaurant, where you can enjoy local cuisine that regularly showcases the village's cheeses. Soak up the sunshine in this majestic setting. Behind the restaurant, children can go tobogganing in the play area.

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